Raid degli Oliveti ADV LAB

The Raid degli Oliveti is a unique opportunity to admire the most beautiful olive groves of Sardinia along an exciting path featuring incredible views and challenging contexts. The Raid is also an event to learn something about GPS orientation and navigation, while delighting the palate with superlative olive oil tastings. To enjoy even more intensely the day, or simply to better prepare oneself for the adventure (and emotions) of the Raid degli Oliveti, Pastori in Moto tailored a specific ADV LAB.

Training or...tasting!

The Raid ADV LAB is training day (or a...Mini-Raid, for those who already know ...) for the Raid degli Oliveti. We will teach you how to transfer GPS tracks to your navigation device, navigate them effectively, and take an introductory course to the Raid. With an exciting road on off-road track crossing kilometers and kilometers of olive groves. The end? In the mill, for a big party and olive oil tasting.

Il programma

In the morning, during practical workshops, each participant can create personalized GPS tracks and transfer them to navigation devices (telephones, and navigators). You will need to bring your laptop with the software to transfer the tracks to the GPS device. If using smartphones, we can send the tracks to the phone via e-mail. GPS navigation aspects will be followed by notions on maxi-enduro off-road driving techniques. Then social lunch and, in the afternoon, a practical test along a training on-road or off-road track of about 50 km crossing beautiful olive groves of the Campidano plain. The route features scenarios of reclamation from the Fascist period, former railways, boundless olive groves and magnificent cork oaks, which are no longer common in the Campidano plain. The arrival will be in a mill for the tasting party and delivery of the participation certificates.

Do you want to join the Raid ADV LAB?

Next date: 13-15 November 2020