The track, of about 200 km, is available in two variants. A complete path of the Raid degli Oliveti starts from Cagliari city to reach Seneghe, the oil town at the foot of Montiferru. Along the route are five oil towns are crossed, each capable of offering different and unforgettable emotions.


Dolianova was called by the Romans Pars Olea in honor of the widespread olive growing and is the main center of Parteolla, in the south-east of Sardinia, 25 kilometers from Cagliari.
Dolianova is also famous for its wines and for the former Cathedral of San Pantaleo, one of the most important Romanesque churches in Sardinia.
In the inhabited center there is the museum of the oil tradition sa Mola de su Notariu and along its countryside there are also highly suggestive centuries-old olive groves.
At the first tasting stage of the Raid degli Oliveti we will be able to taste an exquisite Dolianova oil, the Tonda blend of Cagliari - Bosana - Semidana of the Azienda Agricola Cannavera!


Escolca is a small village of 600 inhabitants located at the foot of the Giara di Serri. Its countryside is dotted with olive trees alternating with vineyards and wheat fields.
Not far from the inhabited center is the mysterious and ancient 'ghost' village of San Simone, populated by fifty small houses of mud and straw built around the small church dedicated to the saint.
The little church is a stop on the road itinerary of the Raid degli Oliveti; in Escolca is also located the first tasting stage, which precedes an enthralling descent into the underlying valley of Gergei, the third city of the oil visited.


Gergei is a small agricultural center of the Trexenta that has about 1,200 inhabitants. It is renowned for its olive oil, obtained from the native mallocria variety. Its territory extends over a valley protected from the cold winds by the Giara di Serri and Trempu Mount, more than 700 meters high and on whose slopes lies the wonderful place of Is Corropus, full of streams, waterfalls and natural pools hidden by a thick Mediterranean scrub.
Almost every family in Gergei has an olive grove, because thanks to the pure and very pure air and the native variety, a high quality oil is produced. We will cross some of the wildest countryside in the municipality, then reach Gesturi and, from there, the most beautiful olive groves of the Marmilla subregion.


Sini is a small town of 500 inhabitants located at the foot of Sa Jara Manna, the Giara, and is nestled among the pleasant hills of Marmilla among olive trees, almond trees, vineyards. Sini hosts the beautiful park of Cracchera, which also includes the Su Strumpu waterfall, and is famous for the festival of su pani 'e saba, a sweet made with almonds.
In Sini there is a thousand-year-old olive tree, a natural monument accompanied by a long line of centuries-old olive trees that make crossing the countryside one of the most engaging experiences of the Raid degli Oliveti.


Seneghe is an agricultural town at the foot of Montiferru. It has 1,800 inhabitants and is considered the Capital of Oil of Sardinia: its naturalistic heritage holds more than 65,000 olive trees and its extra virgin olive oil has received the highest national award, the Ercole Olivario. Seneghe is a common founding member of the Cities of Olive Oil and also excels in red meat, honey, casizolu cheese, the cult of traditions and poetry: in September the international Cabudanne 'e Sos Poetas festival is held, awarded in 2009 as the best Italian poetic event.
Seneghe is the last stop of the Raid degli Oliveti, which culminates in the heart of Montiferru, not far from Santu Lussurgiu.